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SiFly Stellar R

Sweet Spot of Efoiling

SiFly Stellar R


The sweet-spot of eFoils just got sweeter.


The Stellar R builds upon the solid foundation laid by the SiFly R, and embodies the ultimate blend of usability, performance, and design. Stable and user-friendly, this eFoil has been further improved with SiFly’s new board architecture.
With an integrated mast foot that minimizes resistance during touchdowns, the Stellar R is even more predictable and enjoyable to ride, encouraging rapid progression.
The visible carbon construction is not just for show — it significantly lowers the overall weight, making the Stellar R easier to control during carving.

*The images of this product are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.  

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Weight 33kg
Dimensions 171cm long x 72cm wide
Volume 120 litres
Speed Up to 45kmh
Battery Rechargeable lithium ion 44.8ah /58.8v /30km range
Material Carbon Fibre sandwich with a light EPS core
Battery Life 120 mins / 30km
Charging Time 2.5hours