The Equipment

Lessons are delivered on premium equipment- This shows a few of the items used to help you have a great time on the water.

Clients are provided radio intercoms for Efoil and Wingfoil lessons, ensuring immediate coaching & feedback is delivered while on the water.

E-Foil is delivered using the amazing SiFLy boards, which also serves as a support craft for wingfoil lessons.

- Stand Up Paddleboarding is using Slingshot CrossBreed 11' boards along with Fanatic Fly Air 10’8” and 10’4” using carbon mix paddles.

- Wingsurfing, using Slingshot Blaster 4.4 wings to power you along you will then progress rapidly on The Slingshot LTF board partnered with a Slingshot FWing foil, making super easy First Flights

- Sustained Flights are taught on a mixture of the Slingshot LTF Board or the new Slingshot Manticore 120 or Manticore 105 board, partnered to a Slingshot FPump foil and if the Blaster wing is not the right choice, why not use the range of Slingshot Slingwing V3 wings suited to the wind conditions,

Call or message me to book some fun lessons or even have a demo on this superb kit.