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The Sports

eFoil - SUP - Wingsurf - Wingfoil 


eFoil by SiFly-

As the UK Mainland partner for SiFly Global we offer the best value, high performing Efoil in the UK - starting at £5650

E-Foil- It does not matter if you live by the sea, a lake or a river, the eFoil needs no wind or waves because the electric motor takes care of the propulsion. Using the latest model of E-Foil from SiFly you will soon be flying effortlessly above the water's surface.

Using the SiFly E it is their best board for beginners in the sport. Its large volume of 170l ensures enough buoyancy for riders of up to 160kg to float comfortably when stationary without submerging the board. This allows for early planing and pop up and takes the stress off of learners, knowing they can stay on the board regardless of what they do. The shape of the SiFly E has undergone several iterations and hours of testing until it met our high expectations. Even though it is voluminous, it still feels fairly manoeuvrable under your feet, while its bottom design guarantees perfect control while coasting on the water or by accidental touch downs when foiling.

Rider weight range: 60 - 160 kg

Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) Probably the most accessible watersport for all ages - as a nice cruise on the water with friends it is possibly the most social, but equally, a competent paddler will love the solitude that an estuary expedition can bring, or the rush of dropping in on small surf at your local beach. Don't underestimate what’s involved, but with the great kit, the right conditions and qualified tuition  I can provide you, this sport will deliver years of fun and fitness.


Wingsurfing - This new sport combines the best of both windsurfing and kitesurfing, riding a board on which you may have just been Paddle-boarding, but when the  breeze picks up, put a ‘wing’ in your hands and glide across the wind.
If you can Paddleboard be confident that you can learn to Wingsurf.

It enhances your use of a Paddleboard on those days it’s too breezy to paddle, and if you aim to fly on a hydrofoil, it is the foundation to achieving that too.


Wingfoiling - .the latest fascinating sport on the water. Holding a wing type sail to power you forward, and with a hydrofoil below the board, in relatively low wind (about 12 mph) you are soon floating above the water's surface, gliding silently and effortlessly in all directions.

Wingfoiling is a sport that complete novices can quickly get to grips with when they invest in good training, their own enthusiasm and modest amount of time. 

For details of what’s provided and cost of lessons for each sport please see here.