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SiFly Rider+ Efoil

Accessible Performance

SiFly Rider +

Accessible performance.

The SiFly Rider + is the perfect choice for all surfers looking for a versatile and accessible eFoil. The larger outline allows for more gentle cruising, while the closed-cell foam construction ensures it retains optimal buoyancy. The shock-absorbing soft deck provides a safe and forgiving ride, yet is rigid enough to allow you to control the board with ease. 

Configure below and choose from a shorter mast to aid your learning, maybe put it with the larger 1900cm2 foil and have an amazing user friendly combination.
Or go for the longer mast that when ridden at full height enables tighter turning and to enhance those turns choose the 1300 foil, or even add both sets of foil!

Rider weight range: 50 - 140 kg
*The images of this product are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.  


Weight36 kg

Dimensions (LxW) :171 x 70 cm

Volume130 Liters

Speed: up to 45kmh

BatteryRechargeable lithium-ion battery 44.8 Ah / 58.8V / 30 km range

MaterialImpact resistant closed-cell foam

Battery life120 min

Charging time:2.5 h

Prices include shipping and UK duties

For more information follow the link below -(prices on SiFly are without duty, shipping and in Euros)


Standard Inclusions

- Remote Controller
- RC Wireless Charger
- PowerCell LR
- Smart Charger


Choose your wings
  • Cruiser 1900 + Cr340
  • Cruiser 1300 + Cr300
  • Both

The Cruiser 1900 front wing + CR340 stabiliser set provides maximum stability and the lowest foiling speeds, making it ideal for learning.

The Cruiser 1300 front wing + CR300 stabiliser set is a faster, more versatile combo for advanced riders who want more adrenaline.


Extra Battery
  • PowerCell LR (20% off)


Add an extra battery to your board configuration with a discount as compared to when you buy it standalone.