Foil Board Company - RAD Foil Board Coiled Waist Leash



Get noticed with this awesomely colourful waist leash for your board.

  • Waist Leash Size:                                                                                                     S/M 24"-36"                                                                                                  L/XL 36"-44"                                                                                                

This RAD version functions exactly as it's all black version, just brighter!

The FBC Board Waist Leash offers every wing foiler the ability to comfortably wear a board leash around their waist. Featuring a neoprene padded belt, the FBC board waist leash offers some real adaptability for the rider. You can choose to have it as a board waist leash but there is also the ability to attach a wing leash as well. (Buy separately the excellent FBC carabiner wing leash to partner this super comfortable waist belt)

- Two sizes available. S/M = 22" - 36" Waist, L/XL = 34" - 44" Waist.

- Padded neoprene belt.

- Dynaema buckle, robust and strong.

- Large velcro fastening system, huge size range adjustment.

- Large loop on end of belt fastener allowing for easy doing/undoing of the belt. Also prevents the belt from becoming undone completely.

- Secondary dynaema buckle for smaller riders OR a wing leash attachment point.

- Twin swivel 7mm thick, 8 foot long, coiled leash. Super tough and durable.

- FBC Branded on the rear of the belt.