Foil Board Company - Wrist to Wing Leash



The FBC Wing Foiling Wirst leash is a feature packed wing foil wrist leash that will out last and out perform any other leash on the market. It has been desgined top to bottom to be the absolute best it can be. It is strong and comfrotable, robust and light. Desgined by wing foilers all FBC products are tested in some of the most extreme environments with performance and longevity a priority.

- 4mm neoprene for comfort

- Dynaema buckle, strong and robust

- Branded velcro strap

- Strap lock system, to prevent any unwanted undoing

- Large tighten/release loop on strap. (also prevents it from passing through the dynaema buckle)

- Hollow core dynaema leash with high density stranded elastic core = FBC's ANTI SNATCH Leash technology.

- Twin safety feature. A loop around the lashing point on leading edge AND secondary loop around leading edge handle. 

- Combined leash/strap package that work in harmony with each other.

* For a video on how to setup the twin safety feature please visit the FBC website (