FBC Leash & Carabiner - Long


Foil Board Company LEASH & CARIBINER - LONG

Length 170cm (Perfect for wings over 5.5m)

Our FBC Dynaema Wing Leash is one of the toughest leashes on the market. With a breaking strain of over 400kg the dynaema leash has been carefully manufactured to recoil in such a way that it does not snatch when you let go of the wing. Developed with the rider in mind the FBC Wing Leash Long length will extend to a max extension of 220cm in such a way that it absorbs the shock and reduces the 'snatch' of the leash. 

The FBC wing leash features its unique double security fixing system. This means that the leash is connected to both the leading edge tube AND the leading edge handle. Should the first fitting fail then the second will kick in and savde your wing from a downwind ride for one. Check out the video for more information on how this fitting works: