Slingshot Get Winging Package

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Learn to Wing on your SUP

If you already have a paddle board - this is all you need to learn the newest windsport! The Slingshot Blaster wing is an affordable and accessible way to learn to wing, and when you add the Slingshot SUPWinder fin to your paddleboard you are ready to hit the water. Winging is super fun new way to have fun on the water on a windy day; it's safe and easy to learn. The Blaster wing comes with a wrist leash (so the wing doesn't get away from you) and the pump to inflate it. The leading edge and center strut are inflatable, so don't worry if you drop it - it is light weight and floats on top of the water.
When you stand on your paddle board with the wing in your hands, it only takes a light breeze to start cruising along. The SUP winder center fin can be added to any paddle board to give the lateral resistance you need to cruise across the wind instead of getting pushed sideways (like you will without any kind of center fin). The fin box attaches to the bottom of your board with 3M sticky back tape and the fin is removable.

Don't paddle when it's windy - use the wind in a wing!