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Top Quality Products at Budget Concious Price!

This amazing value package is an exceptional opportunity for beginners & experienced wingfoilers to enter or expand their involvement in the sport while enjoying incredible savings. 

For the newcomer this is a robust, easy access, but high perfoming combination. 

For the experienced rider it is ease of transport, travel friendly, performance board and foil, with the added bonus of a wing that you will love using yourself or to get your friends on the foil too. 

A travel-friendly setup that allows the entire kit to be effortlessly packed into the back of your car or conveniently carried within airline baggage allowances. This ensures that you can take your equipment with you wherever you go, without the hassle of bulky and inconvenient gear.

With the choice of board size and foil there is a setup for everyone no matter your ability or goals.

As for the foils there are three choices all easy to use, learn and progress on but each with their own personality.

Hoverglide FWing - The biggest of Slingshot foil with lots of stability and early lift. Ideal for the larger riders or those looking to get going in the lightest of winds.

Hoverglide FSUP - The smaller version of the above that will give more speed without too much sacrifice of stability.

Hoverglide FPump - The smaller of the three this higher aspect foil will deliver more performance all round; faster and more efficient this foil will give more room for progression as your skills develop.

The Blaster 4.4m wing is the perfect wing to start out on. Light weight and manoeuvrable with big windows means you will feel in control from the start. Everything about this wing is designed to be user friendly and durable.


Board Dimensions

Volume   Length (in/cm)       Width (in/cm)   Thickness (in/cm)
90 Litre - L5'0 / 152.4cm27" / 66.6cm4.75" / 12.1cm
105 Litre - L5'3 / 160cm27.5" / 69.9cm4.76" / 12.1cm
120 Litre - 5'5 / 165.1cm28" / 71.1cm6" / 15.2cm
140 Litre - 5'8 / 172.7cm29.5" / 74.9cm6" / 15.2cm140

Foil Specifics

Foil Front Wing Size 
FWING - 2371cm²
FSUP - 2066cm²
FPUMP - 17245cm²